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Watch Video for ‘Yesterday’ by Dave Koz

 September 11, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

A New Day will be Dave's first album of original material in 10 years. He did not plan on recording any covers this time out. As he was flipping through the channels, Dave heard the Beatles' "Yesterday" on the radio.

"Through the lens of the pandemic, I felt this amazing melody and prophetic lyrics in a completely different way. Oh, how I longed for Yesterday! Haven’t we ALL?! It's always been one of my favorite songs and I'd never gotten the chance to record it. Considering how much all our lives had changed since COVID-19's arrival, it seemed like the right idea to include this amazing song in the narrative of the album, for it truly was just yesterday that our lives were completely different. And while we can’t necessarily go back to that same kind of innocence, the prospect of a bright tomorrow is something we all can focus on."

Check out the song and a little intro by the man himself.

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