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Watch Shalamar’s New Video For “The Real Thing”

 November 22, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

There are literally thousands of great artists that have tickled our ear drums over the years. Choosing a favorite can sometimes be difficult. For me, it is easy. Shalamar is by far the most influential for me. I mean, they had everything on lock.

Disco – Check!

  • Make That Move
  • Take That To The Bank
  • Uptown Festival

Funk – Check!

  • Over & Over
  • The Second Time Around
  • There It Is

Slow Jams – Check!

Actually This Is For The Lover In You is the baddest slow jam EVER!

Needless to say that I was more than happy to learn that Shalamar was to release a new single. It is called The Real Thing.

Watch Shalamar’s new video for “The Real Thing” below. It is Adult Contemporary at it’s beat!

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