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Watch Music Video for ‘Is There A Doctor In The House’ by Chris Standring

 January 30, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Chris Standring is back with a new single and a new album for 2020.

One of contemporary urban jazz’s most prolific hitmakers since the late 90’s with 13 Billboard Top 10 singles and 6 #1’s, Chris Standring takes the opportunity on his 13th solo album to acknowledge the sometimes-harsh twists and turns of Real Life. Yet rather than give into circumstances beyond his control, the British born, L.A. based guitarist offers a truly uplifting way forward on this joyful soul-jazz infused retro-flavored set. 

The album is called Real Life and he describes it as “one of my more joyful albums, but also perhaps the most authentic.” Like most artists, he turned to life around him for inspiration while composing music – a compelling amalgam of slick jazz, soul-singed R&B, funk grooves and bright pop harmonies - for the session. However, what he saw - chaotic times globally and much closer to home, his aging parents’ decline due to dementia – could have resulted in a dark and somber album. To his credit, Standring vigilantly maintained sight of the silver lining thus an optimistic tone prevails. It’s a refreshing and honest listen laced with an uplifting sense of urgency.   

“The album’s theme is a wake-up call that I believe people who listen to my music will relate to. 'Real Life' suggests a world we need to embrace without shoving things under the rug. This is real. Life is no rehearsal and this notion becomes ever more present the older I get. Carpe Diem!” 

 Seizing the day with Standring on “Real Life” are Mitchel Forman (piano), Andre Berry (bass), Kevin Axt (upright bass), Matt Rohde and Hans Zermulen (keyboards), Ronnie Gutierrez (percussion) and drummers Chris Coleman and Dave Karasony.

The album Real life drops March 20th.

Last year, Standring issued “Best of Chris Standring Remixed,” which spawned his 13th Billboard Top Ten single when his reimagining of “Kaleidoscope” shot up to No. 4. Smooth Jazz Network named him Artist of the Year, not just for his own recordings, but for producing and co-writing the Billboard No. 1 hit, “Eddie’s Ready” for guitarist Thom Rotella. Standring, who debuted in 1998 with “Velvet,” has topped the Billboard chart six times as a solo artist.    

In the meantime, check out a taste of the album, with the music video for Is There A Doctor In The House?.

You can check out Standring live throughout the year.

February 27-29             Pizza Express Jazz Club Soho                London, England

April 16                              Soul Kitchen & Jazz Parlor                      Philadelphia, PA

April 22                              Catalina Bar & Grill                                     Hollywood, CA

April 26                              Pier Park                                                           Panama City Beach, FL

May 8 & 9                         Spaghettini                                                      Seal Beach, CA

June 6                                 The King Center                                          Melbourne, FL

August 2                            St. James Live!                                              Atlanta, GA

August 8                           Elmira Jazz Festival                                    Elmira, NY

October 14                     Yoshi’s                                                              Oakland, CA

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