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Vivian Green Album ‘Love Absolute’ Is Out Now

 November 17, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Vivian Green's new album, Love Absolute, is out now. Leading up to the album release, Vivian shared three songs, "You Send Me""Where You Are", and "Light Up".

 Vivian Green again worked closely with her co-writer and produced Kwamé Holland.  She reflects on their partnership and working style;  

"Kwame was the perfect producer to make this album with because it’s NOT his preference to write this way. He is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met and when he is out of his comfort zone, his versatility and genius just soar. The up-tempos and harder tracks are certainly his expression and the softer tracks are mine. We truly balance each other creatively."  

While writing and recording Love Absolute, Vivian poured her entire heart and soul into the process.  It has been a couple years since the last album, and over that time Vivian has continued to develop her artistic process.

Vivian Green Album 'Love Absolute' Is Out Now Full

"I feel liberated to explore what’s in my head without a spotlight, judgement or criticism. While that surely comes later, I prefer the raw expression to come first because there is certainly magic there. That magic is what makes Love Absolute different from my previous albums. Every ballad and mid-tempo began at the piano. I went back to the genesis and purity of my craft."

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