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Veronica Swift Announces Self Titled Album For September 15

 July 14, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

Vocal sensation Veronica Swift took the jazz world by storm with her critically acclaimed 2021 release This Bitter Earth, landing on the cover of DownBeat, topping the year end lists for vocal releases and wowing audiences with her eclectic stage show at the Hollywood Bowl and beyond. For her new album – aptly entitled Veronica Swift – the versatile artist stretches her wings and opens up her wide range of influences to share who she truly is: a once-in-a-generation vocalist with unabashed confidence.

"I grew up singing in jazz clubs with my parents on their tours, and this laid the base for a successful jazz career, but my passion has ALWAYS been rock n’ roll and theater. I never felt safe in showing this side of me without losing the audience I’d had all my life! The song “I Am What I Am” is an unapologetic manifesto of taking pride in who you are. It teaches us that we must leap into the void with fearless commitment, spitting in the face of conformity and those who try to make you someone you’re not — whether that’s all of society or just one person. Life’s just too short!"

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