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Valentine’s Music Festival 2017

 December 6, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

Valentine's Music Festival 2017

The Valentine’s Music Festival 2017 will be happening in February, 2017.  This one is definitely for the ladies.  Four artists.  Keith Sweat, El Debarge, Bobby Brown and Avant will be serenading audiences for four nights in four cities:

February 10 – Miami, FL

February 11 – New Orleans, LA

February 12 – Orlando, FL

February 14 – Houston, TX

Valentine's Music Festival 2017What can you say about El Debarge?  The lead singer of a family group that, in my opinion, could rival any singing group ever.  As I write this, I am listening to Who’s Holding Donna Now.

Tell me this is just a dream

When I wake up she’ll be here next to me

Tell me it will be just the way it was…..

If you forgot, you better go listen to it again.

Too many hits – I Like It, All This Love, A Dream, Stay With Me.  There are some solo hits that I still dig.  Lay With you w/Faith Evans, How Can You Love Me, and Heart, Mind & Soul are just a few that come to mind.  What about that little hit called The Secret Garden?  There is also a duet on Babyface’s latest album called Walking on Air.  Check that out if you do not know the song.

Valentine's Music Festival 2017Bobby Brown.  You know, it is funny.  New Edition was my favorite group as I was growing up.  When they kicked him out of the group, I thought, no big loss.  Then I heard he was recording an album.  Are you serious?

King of Stage came out in 1986, and after I heard the single Girlfriend, I thought his career was OVER.  Then LA Reid & Babyface and Teddy Riley got a hold of him, and as they say….The rest is history!  I am not breaking any news here…he is not a great singer.  You don’t have to be.  It is about the music and the vibe of the artist.  I will say that he had both, and the Don’t Be Cruel album was a smash.

Everybody digs My Prerogative, but I am partial to Don’t Be Cruel, Rock Wit’Cha, and believe it or not, On Our Own from Ghostbuster’s II.  Something in Common, the duet with Whitney was also a great song.

Valentine's Music Festival 2017Avant is one of those singers that just has really good slow jams.  My First Love was the song that made me aware.  He and KeKe Wyatt did a good job.  Fun Fact:  That song is a remake of the Rene & Angela hit from 1983.  Rene & Angela?  Man, I could write an entire post on their music, but I digress.

Read Your Mind is probably my favorite song, and I also like Don’t Take Your Love Away.  Avant is actually an in-demand artist in the Smooth Jazz World.  Check out Skies Wide Open, where he collaborates with Brian Culbertson.



Valentine's Music Festival 2017I have actually written a couple of posts recently about Keith Sweat, so we will not rehash those right now.  You can see those here and here.

So, if you are in the south and southeast part of the country, you can enjoy the show.  I am sure tickets will go really fast, so get them while they are hot!






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