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‘U-Nam Goes Big Band’ is Out Now

 March 29, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Multi-instrumentalist U-Nam has released a new album for 2020. It is called U-Nam Goes Big Band and as the title suggests, the sound will take you back to the smoky nightclub scene.

This is not your ordinary Big Band sound, though. Because U-Nam is a jazz man at heart, the songs are a little funkier than your normal Big Band tracks.

Although most of the songs are instrumental, the two vocal tracks immediately caught our attention.

The Dance Must Go On features Susanna Aleksandra, and if you are new to the Big Band genre, this would be a great song to check out.

Each Day's a Gift features Steve Brookstein, and this is a groove that we think you will love.

U-Nam keeps it interesting with each new release, and we are sure you will want to stream a few tracks from this album.

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