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The Rippingtons True Stories Review

 July 19, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

The Rippingtons True Stories Album Review

If you have ever listened to The Rippingtons, you know you will be treated to some ear candy.  Their sounds are like no other in any type of music.  There are ten songs in True Stories, and they all are great in their own way.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Rippingtons True Stories ReviewThe album starts out on a high note.  Wild Tales is the perfect song to start the musical journey.  The uptempo beat just makes you feel good.  Those guitar licks and keyboard parts carry the song, and there is just enough sax in there to complete the feeling.  You can actually lay this track over an electronic beat, and the young party people would go crazy.

Hey, Russ…..You want to crossover to the EDM side??

Sundance is one of those songs where it seems like the band just went into the studio and started jamming.  After a while, I can see them smiling and nodding their heads in agreement.  This will be a hit for sure.

If I say they have a track called Flamenco Beach, would you picture yourself in a Spanish paradise witnessing the artform of the beautiful Flamenco dance?  Well it is all there, especially the breakdown in the song where you can hear the stomping feet of the dancers.

Jeffrey Osborne makes an appearance in the next track, My Promise To You.  His vocals are as smooth as ever.  He has such a distinctive voice, I knew it was him from the first few notes.  This is a slow jam, but it has an energy that only a band like this would be able to pull off.

Wonderland might be my favorite track on the album.  It starts out smooth, with that familiar guitar sound, builds a little, then BAM! You go on a trip to Wonderland, or I should say YOUR Wonderland.  It is such a big song, I would love to hear this played live.  This is definitely a show-closing song.

The Rippingtons are great at supplying the soundtrack, and the listener can just use their imagination as the music moves them.  In King’s Road, I visualize a movie scene in the vast desert, the wind blowing the sand around, and you have a few individuals trying to get through this mini sandstorm.  The band serves up the soundtrack, and you just use your imagination take you the rest of the way.

The album ends on a smooth note.  True Stories is a song that will make you reflect on the musical journey that was just presented to you.  This is an album that you will want to listen to from start-to-finish.  The individual songs are top notch, but this album is meant to be enjoyed in its entirety.

You will want to pick up this album, because the Rippingtons continue to raise the bar with their unique musical style.


The Rippingtons True Stories Album

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