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The Jazz World Artist Profile Jason Carroll

 May 24, 2015

By  Exotic DJ

The Jazz World Artist Profile Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll is an up-and-coming artist in the smooth jazz community.  Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Carroll had learned multiple instruments by his late teens, including piano, bass, guitar and the drums.  2 Smooth is the second release by Carroll as he teams up with the Smooth Jazz Symphony.  This album fits right into that pocket, and of you know smooth jazz….you know exactly what I mean.  You can hear some Brian Culbertson influences in the track “Brand New,” a nice no-nonsense piano driven track.  The tracks “Come Along,” “It Could Be Real,” and “Taste The Sun” have grooves that smooth jazz radio will soon have in their rotations. “Weather Channel” is a track that will be a favorite on a chill, rainy night.
Scheduled for release this summer, 2 Smooth is a album you will want to put on your list.
I will post samples of the tracks in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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