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Take 6 Tour Dates 2019

 March 13, 2019

By  ExoticDJ

Take 6 is and will remain one of our favorite singing groups. We know that they are rooted in Gospel, BUT they can seamlessly move outside of their main genre to entertain audiences that have varied tastes in music. Whether they have backing instrumentation or not, they are a sight to see in concert.

The group will perform several dates throughout the year. As a special treat, the legendary Manhattan Transfer will join Take 6 on a few dates. They call that The Summit.

Man, that is some vocal prowess!

in 2018, Take 6 released an album of classics done in their unique style. It is called Iconic, and you can listen to a couple of our favorites. One is the L.T.D. classic, Back In Love Again, and the Al Jarreau staple Roof Garden.

Take 6 Tour Dates 2019

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