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Synthonic To Release ‘Do You Remember?’ July 17

 July 6, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Jazz/Funk outfit Synthonic will release Do You Remember? on July 17th. This is a high energy band that is led by jazz pianist and composer Kieron Garrett.

Garrett has gained widespread praise for his innovative compositions and dexterous skill on keys, performing at leading international venues and festivals with an ensemble that includes leading UK saxophonist Dave O’Higgins.

Do You Remember? will showcase innovative, dynamic, electronic funk orientated compositions that will make you take notice.

Check out a clip for Havana.

On the Synthonic project, Garrett writes, records, produces and performs everything himself (bar some guest appearances on two of the tracks), which clearly demonstrates his undeniable prowess as a highly gifted musician at the top of his game.

Fork in the Road is the type of track that just may define Jazz/Funk in 2020. Check out the sample to wet your appetite.

Garrett’s musical inspirations for Synthonic flow from a plethora of sources, anything from Chick Corea to Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter to Stevie Wonder. It is a masterful body of work, destined to be enjoyed by both the most discerning of music lovers and those who just can’t get enough of a solid groove!

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