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Steve Oliver Album ‘Sojourn’ Out Now

 November 11, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

Sojourn is the latest album from Steve Oliver, and when you listen to the album, you will hear orchestras, piano, sitar, and various electronic elements. But each song is played completely live with only one guitar, no other instruments are used. The songs were recorded live in his studio with no overdubs.

The guitars are Midi, ones that he helped develop with the Kiesel Guitars luthiers. The NS1, SH575, Midi, are an important part of his guitar sound. Triggering multiple sounds at the same time when he is recording his compositions adds layers of color and texture to each piece of the music.


1 Morning Touch
(new composition)

2 High Noon
(originally appears on “Positive Energy”)

3 New Heights
(originally appears on “New Heights” single)

4 Casa Del Sol
(new composition)

5 Sojourn
(originally appears on “One Night Live”)

6 World Citizen
(originally appears on “World Citizen”)

7 Horizon
(originally appears on “Positive Energy”)

8 Hidden Sun
(originally appears on “Illuminate”)

9 My Flamingo
(originally appears on “Positive Energy”)

10 Illuminate
(originally appears on “Illuminate”)

11 Soul Deep
(originally appears on “Illuminate”)

12 Another World
(new composition)

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