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Smooth Jazz In The Mix 11 Midtempo Grooves

 July 8, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 11 Midtempo Grooves

July 8th, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV – Exotic DJ has just released the next installment of the Smooth Jazz mix series.  Smooth Jazz In The Mix 11 Midtempo Grooves, rolls back the tempo just a bit to give you the perfect soundtrack as you cruise the bay.  It makes no difference if it is the San Francisco Bay, the Tampa Bay Area, or even Chesapeake Bay, be sure to bring this along to set the mood.

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 11 Midtempo Grooves starts off with Maximum Cool, by Steve Cole.  It makes no difference whether Cole is playing solo, or as a member of the Sax Pack, you know the Sax will be in full effect.

Jonathan Butler brings the first of four vocal tracks, with Feels So Good.  This is off of the Jonathan Butler album, and he is  definitely one of our favorites.  That South African vibe is evident whenever he plays that guitar.

Mr. Groove, by Euge Groove is up next.  His sound engineer should get some props here, as all of Mr. Groove’s recordings are second to none.  If you have any of his albums, just listen to the clarity and richness of all of the instruments.  This is a master class in music production.

The Stranger, the offering from Rick Braun and Richard Elliot, is a track that makes you feel as if you are in a movie scene.  You can insert your type of scene now!  It just works.

Sunrise Surprise is not jazz in the traditional sense, but it is in the style that is called Nu Jazz.  It has the feeling of a Lounge in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami.  Stefania Dipierro is the vocalist, and she brings the sensuality on the track.  She has worked with Nicola Conte, one of the Acid Jazz heavyweights.

If you like funky guitar, then you have Chris Standring in your playlist.  Soul Vibration is off of the Ten release, which is definitely one you should check out in its entirety.

The late George Howard is next up, with a remake of the Cherrelle smash, Everything I Miss At Home.  Everything about this track is great.  George has an unmistakable sound and he is definitely missed in the Smooth Jazz community.

Pieces Of A Dream is checking in next with the classic, What Can I Do, with vocals by Norwood Young.  The song will do two things for you:  Put a smile on your face, and it will make your head sway back and forth.  If this track was released today, it would race to the top of the charts.

Nothing But The Radio On, is an old-school jam by Dave Koz.  Vocals are provided by Joey Diggs.  Talk about making your head sway back and forth…..There should have been more singles from this fine vocalist, but it never panned out.

Najee is up next with 2nd 2 None.  This is off of the My Point Of View album.  If you have never attended a Najee concert, it needs to be on your bucket list.  You never know who will show up to join him on stage.  He was in Las Vegas in the summer of 2016, and Al B. Sure sang a couple of songs.

One of the breakout acts of the year is 3rd Force, and coincidentally this track is called Breakout.  They have released a total of seven albums, but Global Force is a powerhouse from start to finish.

We have a double play of sorts next:  Eric Daruis is taking you All Around The World.  This is a great song from the Retro Forward album.  This transitions into 35th St. by Adam Hawley.  Darius is featured on the track that was at the top of the Smooth Jazz Charts for over a month.

The Jazz World reviewed Kim Waters latest offering, Rhythm and Romance.  Bring It is the selection that fits perfectly with the vibe of the mix.  Just a reminder, Waters is also a member of the Sax Pack.

Darren Rahn closes out the mix with D-Luxe.  This song has also hovered around the top of the charts for several weeks.  Sonic Boom is an album that solidifies Rahn’s place as one of the top Smooth Jazz artists of our era.

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 11 Midtempo Grooves

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