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Smooth Jazz In The Mix Volume 3 The Contemporary Jazz Mix

 February 11, 2015

By  Exotic DJ

Smooth jazz songs in the mix volume 2

Smooth Jazz In The Mix Vol. 3

February 11, 2015 – Exotic DJ just released the third installment of the smooth jazz mix series! Smooth Jazz In The Mix Volume 3 The Contemporary Jazz Mix is perfect for your your cocktail party!! This smooth mix continues with more from the Smooth Jazz All Stars. “Let’s Get It Started.” is the perfect track and attitude to kick off this mix.  In addition to Brian Culbertson, we have more piano from Pieces of a Dream.  Their tracks are so nice and smooth, I had to have two!!
It is pretty obvious I like Norman Brown, as he is featured in many of my mixes.  “Let’s Take A Ride” is as smooth as it gets.  He is not the only guitar player in this edition.  Steve Oliver and Nils offer their great guitar stylings to this project. They are both so different, but fit so well in this project.  Another guitarist whom I love is Jonathan Butler.  His South African heritage shines through in his unique style.  I can listen to his albums all day.  As a matter of fact, the album “Jonathan Butler,” was the first smooth jazz CD I ever purchased.
Some newcomers to the mix include Gerald Albright, Kim Waters and Candy Dulfer, three great horn players.  Speaking of horns, what can you say about Boney James?  He put the “smooth” in smooth jazz.
We also have Down To The Bone, a Jazz Funk Band who are very popular in the UK, and Count Basic, an Austrian Acid Jazz Band.
It is always difficult selecting a favorite song in each of the mixes, but I really like “The Joint,” by Mindi Abair.  I always have the vision of driving down the highway, grooving to this track!


Smooth Jazz In The Mix Volume 3 The Contemporary Jazz Mix

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