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Smooth Jazz In The Mix 8 The Beat Goes On

 August 1, 2015

By  Exotic DJ

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 8 The Beat Mixes Continue

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 8 The Beat Goes On

August 1, 2015 – Exotic DJ has just released the anticipated follow up in the smooth jazz mix series.  Smooth Jazz In The mix 8, is the latest in the best beat mixed smooth jazz.  Artists in this edition include; Candy Dulfer, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot, The Rippingtons, and more!
Exotic DJ has been mixing smooth jazz since 2001, and he has received acclaim for the ability to keep that groove movin’ and those heads bobbin’.  “I love the challenge of finding just the right point to beat mix smooth jazz.  This is not like pop or club music, where the intros and outros are there for you.  You really have to know the music, the artists, and the instrumentation in order to put this together,” Exotic said in a recent interview.  “Many of the Jazz artists have reached out to thank me for keeping them in the mix.  It is good to know they aware of the work I am doing.”
Click the link for the mix, and as always……Enjoy!!

Smooth Jazz In The Mix 8 The Beat Goes On

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