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Singer-songwriter Cat Levan Releases ‘Double Life’ May 29

 May 26, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

One could easily make the case that singer-songwriter Cat Levan has much more than just a double life. The former professional fighter, restaurant owner, clothing designer, marketing director, illustrator and mother will finally realize her long-held musical dream when her debut album, “Double Life,” drops May 29th.

The Vancouver-based artist teamed with Billboard Top 10 hitmaker Steve Oliver to write seven original songs for the 11-song set produced by Oliver in the guitarist’s Southern California studio. Her Canadian countryman and brother-in-law, contemporary jazz saxophonist Walle Larsson, guests throughout the collection that finished tracking just prior to the closure of the border due to the coronavirus pandemic.      

 “I’ve done a lot of different things throughout my life and experienced success in a variety of areas, but music has been a constant presence dating back to my family household while growing up. ‘Double Life’ speaks to the dreams we hold tight to our chest and never let anyone know about. The artist who has a rich inner musical world but lives a life of logic and order that never reveals the depth of her inner world. It's a double life, but in a good way,” said Levan whose sister is Juno Awards-nominated singer-songwriter Melanie Chartrand.

As a lyricist, Levan is a storyteller who writes about love, loneliness, connection and uncertainty, which suits the inherently vulnerable qualities of her ethereal voice. After opening the disc with the upbeat dance-pop title track that is bolstered by tribal percussion beats, “What’s Been Going Down” pours a smooth cosmopolitan cocktail of jazz and pop. The downtempo “Keep Moving” was the first song penned for the album.

 “It's about a time in my life when I was stuck in an awful place. My mother had died, and I had just left a relationship and moved back to Vancouver. I was really down, feeling very alone, not seeing a future that I liked. Every day, I would get up and try to push myself to do something that would move me forward. I was sleepwalking through life with a constant ache in my chest,” admitted Levan who plans to film a couple of videos to accompany the album release.

To help launch “Double Life,” Levan will host a CD release party via Zoom on May 29 at 7pm PT/10pm ET that will include a live performance. General admission tickets ($15.00) include a signed CD while the VIP ticket package ($35.00) consists of a signed CD, bottle of wine, special party favor and a live Q&A with the artists. Tickets can be purchased here.    

Track Listing

“Double Life”

“What’s Been Going Down”

“Keep Moving”

“December Road”

“Something’s Gotta Give”

“The Way I Feel”

“Baba Doo”

“Waiting for the Right Time”

“Diving Deep”

“Coming Home”

“Autumn Leaves” (bonus track)

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