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Ross Lorraine Album ‘Heart Of Mine’ Out Now

 June 24, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

‘Heart Of Mine’ is the new album from the unique and versatile composer and pianist Ross Lorraine. Heart Of Mine is produced by jazz figurehead Claire Martin and features the vocal talents of Liane Carroll, Gwyneth Herbert, Ian Shaw, Luca Manning, Sara Colman and Claire Martin herself: a cast of guest singers who represent the very best vocal jazz talent in the UK and internationally.

Each protagonist lends their own incomparable style to the project, creating a captivating showcase and a diverse and entertaining realisation of Lorraine’s original compositions. Moreover, the dexterous and imaginative talents of Rob Barron on piano, Mike Walker on guitar, Laurence Cottle on bass and Elliott Henshaw on drums further fortifies the project, making the sum of all parts a tour de force of musical brilliance.

Having mastered his craft under the supervision of the internationally revered composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle (working as both his assistant and later as his editor at Universal Edition), Ross Lorraine has become a widely respected composer, arranger and pianist in his own right, lending his unique expertise to a vast spectrum of projects across the music industry. These range from a series of compositions that were broadcast on BBC Radio 3, to virtuoso solo pieces written for some of the UK’s top performers of contemporary music, that have been presented at events and festivals throughout the world.

As a keyboard player, Ross Lorraine has performed at The London Jazz Festival, the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, and at London venues such as Pizza Express Soho, The Pheasantry, The Bulls Head and The Green Note to name just a few notable venues. In addition to his extensive work in jazz, Ross Lorraine has composed Tangos that have been broadcast by the BBC World Service and soundtracks to accompany the work of leading playwrights, and he has promoted concerts focusing on important contemporary composers.

Ross Lorraine adopts a thoroughly non-restrictive approach to his work, actively encouraging a collaborative approach with those who perform his music. He has already recorded singles with such well-known singers as Sarah Moule and Emilia Martensson. Now with Heart Of Mine, Lorraine will showcase his inimitable talent in what is both his most ambitious and accomplished work to date.

Track Listing:

The Waiting Game (Liane Carroll)
They’re Playing Our Song (Gwyneth Herbert) Like Love (Luca Manning)
Body Language (Claire Martin)
Pull You Back (Sara Colman)
Heart Of Mine (Liane Carroll)
The Name of the Game (Claire Martin)
I’m By Your Side (Ian Shaw & Claire Martin) We Will Sing Again (Luca Manning)
A Silent Cry (Ian Shaw)
All Our Days (Sara Colman)
Play On (Gwyneth Herbert)

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