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Rod Harris Jr. Album ‘Plays for Wayne’ Out Now

 July 12, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

Grammy nominated jazz guitarist Rod Harris Jr. released his highly anticipated album, "Plays for Wayne", on June 27th. This extraordinary collection of songs pays homage to legendary jazz composer Wayne Shorter while infusing them with RHJ's own unique guitar-led interpretations.
Rod can also be seen performing in the hit film biopics “Cadillac Records” (starring Beyoncé and Adrian Brody), “Bessie” - (starring Queen Latifah) and “The Color Purple Musical Film” (coming Dec 2023).

Stream the album here

With "Plays for Wayne," Rod Harris Jr. showcases his extraordinary talent as both a skilled guitarist and a visionary musician. The album consists of eight iconic saxophone-led compositions by Wayne Shorter, brilliantly reimagined and transformed into captivating guitar-led versions by RHJ's. RHJ skillfully infuses hip-hop elements into the music, adding an invigorating spin to the timeless jazz compositions. By reimagining Shorter's saxophone melodies with his guitar prowess, Harris brings a fresh perspective to the table, breathing new life into these beloved compositions. The result is a truly dynamic and innovative sound that resonates with contemporary listeners and bridges the gap between generations of music lovers.

Throughout the previous decade, Rod Harris Jr. has made a significant impact on the jazz community both in the United States and abroad. Having recorded, toured, and performed with a diverse array of legendary artists across multiple genres, his skill and artistry have garnered widespread recognition. His exceptional guitar work and musical contributions on Musiq Soulchild's album, "Feel The Real," earned him a Grammy Nomination in 2018. He has also made notable appearances in film biopics, including "Cadillac Records" starring Beyoncé and Adrian Brody, "Bessie" featuring Queen Latifah, and most recently, the second season of BET's "American Soul" (Feb 2020) and the National Geographic series "The American Genius: Aretha Franklin" starring Cynthia Erivo. His upcoming endeavors include the highly anticipated "The Color Purple Musical Film" set for release in December 2023.

"Plays for Wayne" by Rod Harris Jr. becomes available through 5015 Records on June 27th. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of sounds, where the soulful allure of jazz intertwines with the pulsating rhythms of hip-hop. Stay tuned for a remarkable journey that redefines musical boundaries and pays homage to the genius of Wayne Shorter.

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