Rick Braun ‘River Cruise’ 2024 Part Two

 September 6, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

What: Rick Braun River Cruise 2024 Week Two

When: December 16th - 23rd 2024

Where: Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg

Rick Braun ‘River Cruise’ 2024 Part Two

Join Peter White and Rick Braun for a magical journey down the Danube River from Budapest to Nuremberg with stops in Vienna, Austria and many other charming villages along the way. You will visit some of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe and in the evening, they will play your favorite Christmas music and of course their hits. During our voyage you will have the opportunity to visit the church where Silent Night was originally written and performed over 100 years ago!

Visit rickbraun.com for more info or click  the link below to reserve your cabin 


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