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Review – ‘With Every Turn’ by Roberto Restuccia

 April 11, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

If you are looking for some new guitar work with a hint of blues, then Roberto Restuccia should be at the top of your 'to-do' list.

The emerging UK guitarist has a new album out called With Every Turn, and Restuccia offers ten, dynamic original songs. Veteran keyboardist and fellow Brit Oli Silk produced the album. The project took a while to come together...Three years to be exact, but it is worth the wait as all of the tracks offer something different.

Review - 'With Every Turn' by Roberto Restuccia

The set begins with Love Crazy. If you need a new groove that will define your Sunday morning, then this is it. The guitars are really smooth with a dash of funk, and when the horns come around in the hook, you will be eager to check out the rest of the album.

The title track, With Every Turn is up next. A funky slow jam with a touch of the blues. You will enjoy the piano and the organ play here, and the bass is sneaky good. The guitar plays like a long solo. You may have to listen to this one twice to get the full effect. 

In You Got-Ta, Restuccia really shows off the guitar skills.  In this up-tempo track, you have a blues vibe, but you will also hear a Minneapolis flair in the song. The musicianship is really tight all around.

That's It For Tonight is next. Simplicity is key here, with just the guitar, bass, and drums in the verses. There are also some great keyboard fills that really take the track to another level. We love the back and forth ad-libs between the guitar and the sax as the song comes to it's conclusion.

Restuccia breaks it all the way down with On Mulberry. This is a straight blues effort, with some great organ sounds to complete the song. All you have to do is just close your eyes and let the music fuel your mood.

1985 is a track that will get your feet moving. 1985 is an apt title, as it sounds like it could be a theme song for a 1980's TV show. Once again the horns keep up with the guitar play, and you get another strong song from Restuccia.

If you want to get down and dirty, check out Blue Funk. We have both the rhythm and lead guitar, and you can call it blue, black, brown...It will STILL be funky!

Liquorice Pizza is an interesting song title, and the song takes on the vibe of the title. It is a mid-tempo track with some interesting musical sounds sprinkled in. This could be one of your "guilty pleasure" tracks.

In Arrival, Restuccia gives you a slow jam with a bounce. The guitar work is stellar, and there is a nice bridge about 2/3 of the way through. The perfect chill song for a Friday evening.

The set concludes with Clickin. One more blues/funk effort to leave you on a high note. Everything fits here, the guitars, the bass, and the drums. There's even some horn fills to complete the track. 

Overall, With Every Turn is a solid effort, with several tracks that you will like. Roberto Restuccia is a name that you may want to pay attention to. You can stream the album now, so go check it out.

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