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Review – ‘Twice As Nice’ by Marion Meadows

 April 22, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Marion Meadows has been in the game for quite some time. In addition to playing with a who's who in Smooth Jazz and R&B, he has released 15 albums as a solo artist.

He has come a long way from playing the sax in Grand Central Station for tips.

The 16th album is called Twice As Nice, and yes, you will have Meadows' usually style...R&B based Jazz.

The production is done by Paul Brown, Chris 'Big Dog' Davis, and Jeff Lorber. Steve Oliver and Jimmy Sommerville also lend a hand on the album.

Now THAT sounds appetizing!

Let's check it out!

Review - 'Twice As Nice' by Marion Meadows

The album leads off with On The Uptown. This is a swanky track that exudes confidence. Meadows is really rolling on the horn, and the trumpet is the other wind instrument that takes care of the fills. Throw in the keyboard hits, and you really have a solid song. This is a Paul Brown production.

Let's keep it going with Lunchbox. This track is really groovy, as the horn arrangement is next level. Add the funky drummer and the guitar, and you WILL have a pep in your step as you enjoy the tune. This is a Jeff Lorber production.

Pandora is up next. Paul Brown produced the track and is also featured here. The drum patch will remind you of a late 80's drum track. The groove is mid-tempo funk, and Brown offers a great blues based guitar riff throughout. Don't sleep on the piano play that really compliments the saxes. 

Here is a track that you will want to add to your 'Stepper's Playlist." Step To This is pure R & B, and it will make you get up and dance. There is a nice reverb on the drum track, and the keyboard fills have an airy sound. These production choices make the song really interesting...in a good way. This is a Paul Brown production.

Yesterday Is Gone is a slow jam with vocals by Donnelly Smallwood. This is a Chris 'Big Dog' Davis production, and if you like his usual style, then you will dig this track. In addition to the vocals and Meadows' horn, the keyboard play makes the song.

Twice As Nice is another 'Big Dog' Davis production, and it is really funky. Davis breaks out the synthesizers to enhance that funky base. Meadows' horn just sits on top of that groove and it is just an overall fun song.

Up next is the classic, I Can't Make You Love Me. I am sure you know the song, so the only thing that needs to be said is that Meadows' is en fuego with this performance.

Kaleidoscope is up next. Steve Oliver is featured, and he brought his unmistakable sound along with him. We are talking about both his guitar and his scat vocals. Meadows is once again doing his thing, and the vibe of the song gives you a sense of loss and longing. This is a really nice track. This is a Chris 'Big Dog' Davis production.

Meadows keeps the tempo nice and slow with Don't Wait Up. The bassline is tight, the keyboard programming is stellar, and the horn play takes the track over the top. This is a Paul Brown production.

The set concludes with The Thrill Of Rain. The piano and the horn are out front, and it sounds like a four minute jam session between the two instruments. We are not mad at that! You can consider this the cool down after enjoying the entire album.

2021 is turning out to be a good year for new music. You can add Twice As Nice to that list. take a listen to the album through your favorite streaming service.

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