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Review – “Something About Her” by Marc Antoine

 May 27, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Legendary Guitarist Marc Antoine is back with a new album. it is called Something About Her, and you can say that is serves as a musical love letter to his wife. They are celebrating 25 years together, so we think that there is nothing better than to have a lasting piece of work to commemorate the occasion.

This is a ten track effort, and some of his friends that are featured include keyboardists David Benoit, Brian Simpson, Philippe Saisse and saxophonists Marion Meadows and Greg Vail, among others.

Let's get into the album!

Review - "Something About Her" by Marc Antoine

The album starts with Still In Love. You can feel the emotions coming through the speakers. There is a story to be told through the music, and that acoustic guitar is a great storyteller.

Up next is the title track, Something About Her. Brian Simpson is featured here, and you can immediately feel his presence. The piano and guitars go back and forth, as if they are having a conversation. We are digging the Bossa Nova vibe that we are hearing, and you may want to consider this 'Sophisticated Jazz'.

In Marco Polo, you have a chilled out tempo where Antoine takes that acoustic guitar and he transports you to your favorite getaway island. Philippe Saisse is along for the trip, as he plays several instruments on the track. 

With a title like Groovy Sunday, you probably have an idea of the groove here. Philippe Saisse is back along with Marion Meadows. The instrumentation is stellar, and this is one that you will have to play twice.

Next, we have Velvet Night. This is a tight, four piece band track where each musician does their thing. You will dig the vibes from Philippe Saisse. 

Corto Maltese is next. Once again, you will have to pay attention to the instrumentation, as they break out the acoustic bass, the Cuban Tres, and Bass Marimba. These are instruments that you do not usually find in the mainstream, but they offer some variety that you can not easily find in today's recorded music.

We are continuing on the musical journey with Eclectic World. We would love to get an 'Unplugged' version of this track. Antione's guitar work here is special, and we need more of this type of sound.

Greg Vail on sax is featured on California Haze. If you had two words to describe the track...Laid Back. We talked about the guitar telling a story earlier. The story continues with this one.

Summer In Technicolor is yet another groove tune, and it features David Benoit. If the Smooth Jazz genre was somehow broken up into Smooth Jazz and Adult Smooth Jazz, then this would fall into the Adult Smooth Jazz. Sophisticated Jazz would be a more apt description. 

The project concludes with Song For Sasha. it is just the acoustic guitar, and a story to tell. 

Something About Her is music for the soul. Antoine assembled some of the best pure musicians, and the end result is this great ten song set. We are sure you will find a few to add to your favorite playlists. Be sure to check it out on your favorite streaming service. 

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