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Review – ‘Sing My Song’ by Euge Groove

 June 21, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

The master of the slow funk is back with a new release. Euge Groove is offering Sing My Song for 2020 and by the sound of it, he has no intention of slowing down. He has been doing his thing since the mid-80's and the creativity seems to get better with time.

Sing My Song is an 11-track set. all songs are written by produced by Euge, except for his interpretation of an iconic song that was originally recorded by Herb Alpert.

Euge brought along a few friends to collaborate. Maysa, Peter White, Phillipe Saisse and Paul Brown lend their talents to make this album an experience.

Let's get onto it!

Review - 'Sing My Song' by Euge Groove

The album leads with Hey Boo. I have always said that Groove's recordings are the best sounding in the game, and that trend continues here, as the instrumentation is as clear as it can be. The bass is in the background but you know it is there, and the sax play is classic Euge Groove.

In Dirty Dozen, the groove offers a dirty old school vibe and if you love that southern fried funk, this one is for you. Just like a seasoned vocalist has control of the mic, Euge has total control of the sax, and even though he is not singing, he can give a masterclass on vocal arrangements.

It is tough to remake a classic, and Euge really does his thing on Rise. Immediately the shakers and the drums stand out here, and then you hear that familiar horn arrangement. It is hard to believe this song is 40 years old. He keeps the essence of the song but with a Euge Groove style. This version will definitely bring in a new generation of fans. Paul Brown is featured, and he adds a little blues flavor to the track.

Until Tomorrow is next and this is a stripped down slow jam. Peter White is featured and they both show why they are two of the top artists of the genre. Euge takes the first verse and White takes the second. As the song comes to a close, they come together and create a sound that really is the essence of Smooth Jazz.

'Sing My Song' by Euge Groove

We are back with the slow funk, as Say I Won't is up next. Euge is on point here, and this track will get your head bobbing. This sounds like something the band would play as they are warming up for a studio session, and the engineer just happened to record the session. Either way, this is a must add to your playlist.

Sing My Song is the vocal track on the album. It is co-written by Lindsey Webster, and Maysa performs the lead vocal. Philippe Saisse takes care of the orchestral arrangement and programming. This is one of those big songs that would be the finale of an awards show or TV special. In addition to this version, there is a remix (the last track) so you can choose your favorite version.

Gatito is up next. This is a track for your "islands" playlist. It has an island vibe, with Lenny Castro playing percussion and Althea Rene is on the flute. This is one of our favorites on the album.

In The Journey Ahead, Euge immediately brings you in with his storytelling. Yes, you can tell a story with a lead instrument, and all you have to do is use your imagination, and you will end up with a dream collaboration with Euge Groove.

We get an uptempo track with Of Course. You immediately get hit with those claps in the background. You then notice the bassline, and Euge comes in with a nice sax arrangement. About 3 minutes in, he hits you with a nice bridge and that takes the song to the next level. Will you like this song?....Of Course!

Good Night is up next, and in addition to the sax, the piano play is front and center. This is a great song to conclude the album....


The remix of Sing My Song is really the last track on the album.

Either way, there are ten great songs and they all have their own unique personality. We are sure you will find the album, Sing My Song one of the top Smooth Jazz albums of 2020. You can never go wrong with any of Euge's albums, so dig in and enjoy the music.

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