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Review – ‘Shakedown’ by Kim Waters

 June 1, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Veteran saxman Kim Waters is back with a new album for 2020. This offering is called Shakedown, and as one of the architects of Urban Smooth Jazz, this project will further cement his place as one of the top artists in the genre.

The album will release on June 12th.

Waters plays all of the instruments on the album, and he also created all of the backing vocals, so you know he put in some work here.

Shakedown is Waters' 24th release, and it consists of ten tracks.

Let's get into it!

Review - 'Shakedown' by Kim Waters

The title track kicks off the set. In Shakedown, the keyboard lead really jumps out at you, then you that signature sax hits the spot. It has a funky old-school feel and I would describe this as a sophisticated Sunday song.

Feels Like Friday Night is next, and as the title suggests, the Steppers will enjoy this one. Waters rides that groove with his horn and this track will put a pep in your step. Feels Like Friday Night  should also be on everyone's Friday night playlist. This can lead off your party, and it is a great song to listen to while you are getting ready for a night out on the town.

Waters offers a change of pace with Nina In Tortola. It is a slow jam with a bit of island flair. If you listen closely, you will hear nice guitar fills that totally make the song. Small instrumental fills really make a huge difference in certain tracks, and this is no exception.

In Takin' The High Road, Waters keeps the slow jam vibe but with a funky flow. There bass and the sax are working together quite nicely, and this is the type of track that is signature Kim Waters.

In a nice mix of classic funk sounds with a saxophone lead, On The Streets will really scratch that itch. Waters uses some of the older keyboard sounds, and with his sax play, the result is very interesting. The DJs can definitely jam this during the 6pm happy hour.

Slowing the pace once again, Waters grabs you With Open Arms. The sax play here is second to none. If you need an example of that a sax lead slow jam should sound like, this is your test case. It is all there, the smooth intro, a catchy instrumental hook, incredible keyboard fills, and the lead sax that will make you want to just close your eyes and reminisce.

The Moment I See You is next, and as you listen to the track you really can imagine the feelings you get when you see a loved one after a long period of time. This once again proves that music can reach into our soul and pull out those feelings.

Here we go! Waters is giving us one of those "riding" songs. In The Fast Lane is the title and that says it all. You get the feeling of driving down the open road, as you head out to parts unknown. His sax transitions here are stellar and they keep you guessing as to what's next.

The one remake is up next. Waters offers his interpretation of the instant classic, Boo'd Up, by Ella Mai. This track lends itself well for an instrumental, and we are sure you will dig this track.

The set concludes with Hidden Treasure. It is a carefree, upbeat song that is all about putting a smile on your face. It will leave you with good vibes about what you jest heard. It seems like many artists will end on a slow song or a song with an inspirational feeling. This is a nice change of pace.

If you are a Kim Waters fan you will want to add this to your collection. With a nice mix of uptempo and slow songs, Waters really knows how to grab you with his horn....sort of like a pied piper!

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