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Review – ‘Looking Ahead’ by Michael Lington

 May 10, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

Michael Lington had been in the game for quite some time. He has carved out a niche for himself with his mid-to-uptempo funk with a hint of the Blues.

His latest is a five track EP, called Looking Ahead. The set features Darren Rahn, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, Paul Brown, and Paul Jackson Jr, among others

Let's get into it!

Review - 'Looking Ahead' by Michael Lington

Moon Goddess is up first. This is in response to the classic track, Sun Goddess from Ramsey Lewis. This is a funky, uptempo track that will truly light up the night. Lington offers up some good energy, and you get some nice guitar riffs, and just enough keyboard play in the verses to make you appreciate each individual sound. Lington really knows how to do an uptempo track.

Once the moon fades, You will need something to hold you over Til The Morning Light. If you like RnB slow jams, then add this to your playlist. Lington is handling the sax like a singer holds the mic. You will really enjoy his runs, especially his ad-libs toward the end.  The keyboard arrangement gives a subtle old school nod, and all of the individual instrumental pieces blend together quite nicely.

Play is next. This is what you call a classic Michael Lington track, funky with a hint of the Blues. This is a Darren Rahn production, so you get that raw, gritty sound that Rahn is famous for. Be sure to pay attention to the rhythm guitar in the back, courtesy of Paul Jackson, Jr. Those guitar licks really add that extra spice.

Keri's Song is one of those stripped down tracks that tells a story. You know, the one that is ripped straight from a movie scene. Lington's subtlety takes center stage, but don't sleep on the second half of the track where you get some heavenly guitar and piano features. 

Paul Brown guests on South Bay. Brown handles the production and dazzles with some guitar play. The stand out here are the drum sounds. They are front and center, BUT they still make way for the other instruments to shine. With drum play like that, it lets the bass ride on top, and quite frankly, everything else is just gravy!

Michael Lington gives us a quick hitter with this five track EP. Each song has its own district style, and we are sure each track will end up being a favorite. You can stream it on your favorite sera ice starting May 12.

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