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Review – ‘Hear At Last’ by Mark Jaimes

 July 25, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Hear At Last, the new album from Mark Jaimes is a sort of a play on words. When it comes down to it, Jaimes may have been tired of people asking him about when he would finally release an album. He has worked with just about everyone in the game, including Simply Red, Rick Braun, Oli Silk, Dave Koz and Mindi Abair.

Hear At Last is a Smooth Jazz album, but is has an R&B base, so even the casual fan should enjoy the project. 

Let's take a listen!

Review - 'Hear At Last' by Mark Jaimes

The set kicks off with Evenin'. Oli Silk guests on piano. The mid-tempo funky jam session is infectious, and the listener will immediately love the groove. The guitar play has a lot of energy and it drives the song, but all of the instrumentation is on point.

In Peak Too Soon, we get an uptempo groove, and the guitar is swinging, with Oli Silk giving us another piano solo. The strings give off an old school vibe, and the song is just a four minute party.

ABC is another mid-tempo groove that really shows off Jaimes' funk base that I mentioned earlier. You really get the sense that he is having fun with the guitar play. This is a really nice track that you can play in all scenarios.

In 6 After 8, Jaimes is just letting the guitar do all the talking. The way he just weaves in and out of the different parts of the song shows an artist that has mastered his craft. The horn hits toward the end was a welcome surprise.

Heads Up is next. Fun is the name of the game here, as the playful energy of the guitar shines through. We get some really nice horn fills in the hook, and if you want to get the party started, this track will break the ice. 

Midnight Rendezvous is Jaimes' interpretation of the song that was penned by the legendary Rod Temperton. Patti Austin is along to sing the background vocals, and this song is like a sweet dessert after a delicious meal. 

There are certain songs that will immediately put a smile on your face, and We'll See is one of them. The hook is really catchy with the guitar leading the way. The bassline is in your face, but in a good way, and there are a few musical changes in the song that offer a little variety. This will keep the listener's attention throughout.

In Sidetracked, you immediately notice the 90's drum beat. Jaimes sits on that groove and just shows off the guitar skills. Overall, this is a snappy tune, and it is good vibes all around as you enjoy the song.

In the title track, Hear At Last, we get  a retro vibe, and we are all about it. The keyboard parts fatten up the song, and the keyboard strings actually make the guitar pop. Add to that some nice drum clicks, and we have a track to feature while you are driving down the road.

Miel's Song is next. This one is for the wind down after a long day. The guitar will reach into your soul and provide a calmness that we all need every now and then. This will be a welcome addition to your chillout playlist.

The album concludes with Trigger Happy. An uptempo track to leave you on a high note. Be sure to listen to all of the different guitar parts, as they sound so clean and it makes you appreciate what a great guitar player sounds like.

Clever guitar work over R&B with a little bit of the Blues is the main theme of Hear At Last. We are all about it, and you will like the offerings of the album. Several playful grooves should tickle your fancy, so be sure to check it out.

You can stream it on your favorite platform.

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