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Review – ‘Fluid’ by Lin Rountree

 July 6, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Trumpet master Lin Rountree is back with a new release called Fluid. He bills himself as the Soul-Trumpeter, and who are we to argue that title. His music is R&B based, and if you are not a fan, we are sure you will become one after listening to his latest album.

This is a ten track effort, and it features Skinny Hightower, Lindsey Webster, Selina Albright, Michael Broening, and Gary Honor.

Let's take a listen!

Review - 'Fluid' by Lin Rountree

Release starts us off. The beat will hit you right away and it will put you in the mood of what's to come. Rountree's trumpet has a nice flow and the hook is really catchy. The piano parts really elevate the track.

The title track, Fluid is next. We have some subtle funk happening, starting with the bassline. Throw in those keyboard hits and layer the trumpet on top of that, and you have a track that will put a pep in your step. We also love the shaker sound that gives us some New Jack Swing vibes.

In Candie's Dance, the mid-tempo groove sounds great, and in the hook you can hear and feel those beautiful horn harmonies. Overall, this is a really smooth track.

Up next is FuSion. If you have heard of NuJazz, then this track will fit that sub genre. It has a Hip Hop type beat, and the horn playing is similar to a chant. The piano makes its way in about halfway through, and there are good vibes between the the piano and the horns.

Lindsey Webster guests on Me For Me. There's something about a vocal track with a trumpet providing the fills. Webster's soul flow is in full effect here.

The track Chocolate features Skinny Hightower and Gary Honor. This horn heavy sound will remind you of a Tower of Power song. The precision of the horn play is amazing and the song really hits the spot.

With a title like Koolin, you better have some laid back funk. Rountree delivers with stellar horn play, and the bassline is subtle, but you know it is there. You add the chords and piano and we have a winner. 

Michael Broening makes an appearance on Amazing Love. The song is telling a love story, and the instrumentation is helping that along. This is a track that you will have to play twice to sop up all of that goodness.

In With You, Selina Albright shows off her vocal prowess, as she uses her soothing vocal style to make you scat along. Love songs are back with tracks like this.

The set concludes with Dream, which feels like a long interlude. This is an Unplugged session where you can just relax and enjoy the music.

We know that the trumpet as a lead instrument can be an acquired taste, but Lin Rountree will make that taste rather sweet. Fluid has some nice tracks, and we are sure you can find a few to add to your favorite playlist.

It is streaming now on all platforms.

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