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Review – ‘Fired Up!’ by Pieces Of A Dream

 October 17, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

The legendary group, Pieces Of A Dream, is back with Fired Up! This is their 25th new recording, and they are getting ready to celebrate their 45th anniversary.

You are doing something right if you have been doing it for 45 Years! 

The secret to their success is the seamless mix of Jazz, R&B, Funk, Pop and Blues. James Lloyd said, “This new album runs the gamut of what our fans have come to expect: up-tempo, down-tempo, Funk, ballads, Latin-infused and party jams - it’s all Pieces!” he exclaims. 

Guest musicians on this project include Justin Lee Schultz, Alexander Zonjic & B.K Jackson.

Review - 'Fired Up!' by Pieces Of A Dream

In Too Deep is up first. The piano hits you first, then you get those nice, airy chords. The groovy horn play will give you chills, and with all of the musical changes in the song, this is vintage Pieces Of A Dream. 

In Ear Candy, they start off a little mellow, then they hit you with a nice swing groove, which will have you bobbing your head as you jam to this. You have to like everything about this song.

With a title like Smoothing Out, you know this is a track for the hot tub playlist. Just close your eyes and pay attention to the piano play, as it is definitely a masterclass. Alexander Zonjic is on flute, and we are sure that you will absolutely love this song.

You can tell from the bassline at the start of Livin' The Life, that the track will move you. BK Jackson guests on the sax, and he gives a stellar performance. You have to love the fact that the intensity of the piano play matches the sax play. Overall this is a great track.

Just Do It! is next. The young prodigy, Justin Lee Schultz, guests on piano. Shultz is a PLAYER, and you will appreciate his piano play especially the solo toward the end. We love the combination of the sax and the chords as they play the hook. There is a lot to like about this track.

Fired Up, the title track is up next. Once again this is classic Pieces Of A Dream with the funky, uptempo groove and the actual sounds of the instruments. More specifically, the tone of the sax and the keyboard sounds. You will also love the arrangement of the piano play. 

As you listen to this track, you will be Feelin' Good, as the guitar in the intro will immediately grab your attention. From there you get the feeling that the guitar is telling a story, and the listener can be creative and fill in their story. Don't sleep on the sax and the piano, as they are a large part of that story. 

If you are ready for a great slow jam, then It's A Vibe is for you. The vibe is definitely easy like Sunday morning, and we are really digging the guitar play.

We are getting some sneaky funk licks with Gettin' Through It. First off, the bassline is as smooth as silk. The horns are on point, and the guitar parts cap off the track. This is food for the soul.

The album concludes with Going Home, an apt title for the closing song. This is a mid-tempo track, and this is a James Lloyd feature, as he plays all of the instruments on the track. The song has a few ebbs and flows, so it will keep your attention throughout. 

After 40+ years it is obvious that Pieces Of A Dream has no intention of slowing down. The new music is as good as ever, and it is always timeless, meaning that you can play any song from any of their albums, and they will sound fresh and new.

You can stream the album now.

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