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Review – ‘Fire & Desire’ by Vincent Ingala

 September 16, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Multi-instrumentalist Vincent Ingala has really been doing his thing. His past six albums have garnered 18 Top ten Smooth Jazz radio singles and ten #1 radio hits.

Not to rest on his laurels, Ingala is back in 2021 with a new album called Fire & Desire. We can call this a showcase of his musical talent, as he plays all of the instruments on the album (except for trumpet on one of the tracks).

Let's get into the music!

Review - 'Fire & Desire' by Vincent Ingala

Shadow Dancer kicks us off. The bouncy drum beat will immediately grab your attention, then you can just feel the cool of the sax play. Not to be ignored are the guitar riffs in the hook and the breakdown. The bassline is simple, but funky, and this track is a snapshot of what Smooth Jazz is like in 2021.

The mid-tempo groove of Could This Be Real will get your head bobbing right from the start. We get a sax lead for the first verse, and a guitar/sax lead in the second. This is a track that will be the perfect backdrop as you sit next to the fireplace, as you sip your favorite Holiday beverage.

One The Move is an apt title for this track, as it should fit nicely in your 'driving' playlist. This is an uptempo groove with the familiar Ingala style. We love the flute fills that appear throughout the song. The bassline is tight and we can see why this is the first single off the album. 

This Or That is up next. This track reminds of of a Euge Groove track. With a slower tempo and laid back sax play, you get that slunky (slow but funky) sound that permeates the Smooth Jazz genre. This album was mastered at Euge Groove's studio, so we already have that connection. This is a track that we may have to put in the mix really soon.

With a title like Disco Sax, you already know that you will be getting those Studio 54 vibes. Between the 70's sounding drum patches and the elaborate string section, you are sure to get a little nostalgic as you listen to the track. The sound is dated and current at the same time, which is definitely the goal here.

We get a little bounce with Ridin' The Wave. The horn arrangement is on point, and the bridge about halfway through is excellent. Overall, this is a nice track and we predict that this will be released as a single.

Hypnotic State will have you paying attention to all of the musicality that this song has to offer. In addition to the sax, those guitar fills are really funky, and the drum sounds seem to be out in front. Throw in that bassline and this gong is really easy on the ears. 

Vincent Ingala Guitar

We get uptempo with Turkey Strut. We tried to visualize that, but we cannot seem to get that right. Nevertheless, we love an uptempo Smooth Jazz track, and this one will definitely fill that void. Some of the sounds are really interesting and it makes for a good song.

In Aftermath, the keyboard sounds are letting off some Paul Hardcastle vibes. We are always down with the New Age style sounds, and this another track that showcases Ingala's overall musicianship.

The set concludes with Fire & Desire. At first glance, we thought it would be a remake, BUT instead we get a nice, uptempo song with some great energy coming through the sax. The bassline really compliments the horn play and we also get an electric guitar solo that completes the song. That is some really good stuff there.

Here is a not-so-hot take: Vincent Ingala will be dominating the Smooth Jazz genre for the next 20 years. Each of his albums are better than the previous one, and Fire & Desire is no different. there are ten great selections on the album, and we are sure you will love every single one of them. You can check out the album through your favorite streaming service.

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