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Review – ‘Exhale’ by Patrick Bradley

 January 25, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Keyboardist Patrick Bradley is back with a new album. Exhale is the name, and he brings his unique style for your listening enjoyment. 

Bradley is known for mixing up different styles, and this effort is no different.

Exhale contains 11 tracks, and some of his friends come along for the ride. They include Rick Braun, Darren Rahn and Jeff Lorber, so let's get into the album and break it down.

Review - 'Exhale' by Patrick Bradley

The album kicks off with Completely Yours. This is an uptempo track, and Bradley is really doing it on the piano. Those piano skills are off the charts. Darren Rahn on the alto sax offers a nice element to the track, and it will definitely get you moving.

In Reinvention, you will dig the guitar work. First, the acoustic, then the rock guitar. Bradley's keys fits in nicely here, and you really get the sensation of being outdoors, more specifically in a forest, when listening to the track. 

Exhale, the title track, is up next. More of a mid-tempo groove, and it has an airy, New Age feel to it. I know it is early, but this is probably the smoothest track of 2021.

The album takes a turn to the funk with Song Of May. Darren Rahn is back with some sax, and you know how he does it! His raw sax sound meshes quite nicely with Bradley's organ and piano. The result...A song you will have to play twice to soak in all of that ear candy.

In Sip n the Breeze, the piano, the organ, and the synth is in play, and Bradley shows his superior skills on all three. You also get a little church feel about half way through. Jeff Lorber co-wrote and produced the song. 

We pick up the pace again with Cat Man Blues. You will hear that familiar trumpet from the legendary Rick Braun. The sound is reminiscent of the old Stax records with a touch of the blues. 

The pace slows down a little with Meant To Be. This is what we call a "lonely road" track. This is the perfect track that will set the mood as you drive down a long, winding road. Darren Rahn is back to add some sax play.

In Lighthouse, guitarist Allen Hinds lends his talents to the mix. This is a great performance song, which would be a treat to experience live. The musicianship is stellar throughout, and if you listen closely, this track has a sound that could be a great addition to the Cirque Du Soleli soundtrack.

In the Heart of the Seas is a song that you will like from the first notes that come through your speakers. From the piano, to the strings, to the guitar, and the bass. This is not your traditional Smooth Jazz song, but the flow is really nice.

Providence is another 'get up and dance' song. It has a bounce that is a little different from the rest of the songs on the album. The drums drive the track, and Bradley has some high energy on the keys. Allen Hinds is back on guitar, and this is just a fun musical session.

The set concludes with Walk With Me, and it is reminiscent of a Rippingtons track. Once again, we like the energy of all of the players, and this is just one long jam session. Clocking in at six minutes, it still leaves you wanting more. 

Exhale is an album for those that want an album with a mix of different styles. The instrumentation is solid, and the recordings sound great. Check out the album and find some tracks that you can add to your favorite playlists.

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