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Review – “Double Dealin’” by Randy Brecker & Eric Marienthal

 September 13, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Two veteran Jazz artists have teamed up for an exciting new project. Double Dealin' is from Randy Brecker & Eric Marienthal and if you want to experience some good uptempo Contemporary Jazz, then this is for you.

Both of these guys are horn players (you know we LOVE horns) so Double Dealin' will bring that energy that you want in an instrumental record.

There are a few special guests on the album, and that includes George Whitty, Dave Weckl & John Patitucci.

Let's check it out!

Review - "Double Dealin'" by Randy Brecker & Eric Marienthal

The set kicks off with Double Dealin', the title track. This is one of those tracks where you can tell that all of the musicians here are straight professionals. That bass is driving the song, the drums are not far behind, and the horns are effortless. This is a great way to lead off an album.

Well, 3 Deuces MAY be a winning hand in poker, but the actual song is a winner in the music game. It is a laid back track where we can totally picture it as an opening song for a TV drama. The trumpet part really sets it off.

Fast Lane is up next. All I can say about this is 'precision'. All of the instrumentation is tight and on time, and you will just need to sit back and enjoy the horn play.

The pace slows a little with Mind The Fire (For Chuck). This is an ode to the late Chuck Loeb. Not too much to say here but this is a song that really has some feeling.

Sambop is up next. Once again, Brecker's trumpet is effortless, and when Marienthal comes in with the sax, it sounds like a back room jam session. You also have to love the chords in the background. 

The bass drives this next track. You Ga (Ta Give It) is back with some funk. The drums are banging and there are so many nice elements in this song, so you may need to add this one to your "get on up" playlist.

In True North, you get a slow jam that, in our opinion, should be the next single from the album. All of the musicians get a chance to shine, and coming in at five and a half minutes, you will not want to disturb this groove.

The Hipster is a swingin' track with some swag. In some parts, it seems like the horns are coming at you from all angles. It is a workout for your auditory sensors.

Speaking of swag, Jetlagged also has some of that, as the sax and the trumpet feed off that bassline. You will feel anything but Jetlagged after listening to this track.

The album concludes with HabaƱero. The track does offer a little spice to an already hot album. Brecker and Marienthal once again show why they are among the best in the business.

Musicianship is at its finest here with Double Dealin'. Both Eric Marienthal and Randy Brecker put their experience out there, and you can feel their passion for the wind instruments. We recommend this if you want some real energy. 

You can start adding tracks to your playlists right now. 

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