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Review – “Deep Secrets’ by Dee Brown

 September 26, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Guitarist Dee Brown is back with a new album. It is called Deep Secrets.

This is his fifth collection of R&B, jazz, soul and gospel music that includes production and mixing assistance from Billboard chart-topper Blake Aaron, multiple GRAMMY nominee Darren Rahn and Nate Harasim

Guests include Lin Rountree, Merlon Devine and Blair Bryant.

Review - "Deep Secrets' by Dee Brown

The set kicks off with Love You Too. Straight out of the box with some funk, so much so that the first guitar licks reminded me of some old school LTD. Nevertheless, the guitar work is pretty nimble, and Brown is really flowing over the groove. We especially love the break toward the end of the song.

Smooth Talk is next. In the hook, we have the guitar and the horn parts playing together, but the verse is all Dee Brown giving us an uptempo vibe. The drums feel like a late '90s beat, so you will no doubt swing to the groove.

In The Prize, you get the sense that you are sailing on a party boat as you feel that cool breeze. Brown probably has a hit with this one. This is a mid-tempo track that will end up being on most smooth jazz lovers' playlists.

Brown takes it slow with Surrender. The guitar play is telling a story, and you will feel the emotion through the guitar. The change, then breakdown toward the end of the song is really special. If you have an exceptional musical change, then the song is exceptional. That is exactly what we have here.

Brown shows off his guitar prowess with Make Up Your Mind. There's no passive play here, as he is certainly strumming that guitar. This is the type of track that will lift your spirits.

Wake Up, of course, is an uptempo track where you will immediately notice the drum play. You have to love that beat, because drum play like that only enhances the rest of the instrumentation. Overall, this is a great track.

Praise Is What I Do is next. Long and dramatic intro transitions into a slow uplifting vocal track. You will just have to listen to experience the feeling.

The title track, Deep Secrets is next. More uptempo goodness, as Brown excels with the faster tempo tracks. This makes us believe that he does a high energy live show. Everything is going here, the keys, the drums and percussion, and Blair Bryant is featured on the bass.

In Controlled Passion, we get another slow jam that features Merlon Devine on the horn. There is some nice back and forth between Brown and Devine, which makes for an interesting sound. 

Lin Rountree is featured on Tie The Knot. We are getting serious funk vibes from the early '80s, and we are all about it. Be sure to add this one to your party playlist.

The album concludes with Pretty Girl (Skylar). This is a simple, mid-tempo track that caps of the album perfectly. Once again we get an impressive performance by Dee Brown.

Deep Secrets offers up a good mix of party tracks and slow jams, but the uptempo songs is where he really shines. If you like the album, be sure to go back and listen to his previous four albums. You can stream all of his music right now.

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