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Review – ‘Collage’ by Copacetic

 January 19, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Copacetic is a group with members Edward Hill (saxophones), David Jordan (keyboards) and Derek Brown (guitars). They have been playing together for several years, and you can definitely hear that in the music.  

Their latest release, Collage, really showcases the talent of the group. The album offers 12 songs, and we will break each one down in our usual style.

The album starts out with Better Days. It is an uptempo track where the keyboard/synth immediately hits you right out the box. The sax then takes over for the first verse, then the guitar for the second verse. The keyboard play gives you some good vibes throughout, which gives the song some great balance. 

In Mi Mariposa, we get a Latin vibe, and we are always down with that! You will dig the layered horns on the tracks, and the strings add a nice component to the song. 

Dancin' Feet is up next. It is a slower, funky groove, and it will immediately get your head bobbing. The sax takes over the lead here, but the guitar fills are right on point.

Then and Now gives you a little nostalgia with the 'needle on the record' intro. The song is pure R&B, and the groove is perfect for those who want to sit outdoors and enjoy some good music.

Up next, we get a Change of Pace. We get a rhythm guitar at the beginning, but the rock guitar solo toward the end really makes the song. Overall, this is a really nice track.

In Gigi's Groove, this is the type of smooth jazz track that the radio station should put in their regular rotation. You know how many contemporary radio stations have a "style" that is geared toward the masses? This track really fits that formula. 

The boys break it all the way down with the next track, Let it Flow. Slower beat - Check! Smooth Groove - Check! Great Musicianship - Check! I think we have a winner here, especially since the track comes in at six minutes long. 

Collage, the title track, is up next. This track will take you to a happy place..all you have to do is close your eyes and lose yourself in the groove.

In Rain Down, we get another smothed out track. It also reminds me of an old school soul track from the late 80's, and we are not mad at that. They are really good with the transitions between their instruments, and that is very evident here.

Camille's Way is next, and it continues the string of smooth grooves. You will like the way the band communicates to you through their instruments. The drums are really understated here, which allows the other instrumentation to shine through.

Exodus is a mid-tempo track that really defines the band. There is always one song on an album where you can get an idea of the voice of the artist. This is that song.

The set concludes with Just Right. This is an uptempo song that will leave you will leave you on a high note. It is always interesting to listen to the final track on an album to see if the artist goes fast, slow, or mid-tempo. 

This effort from Copacetic shows that they are really good musicians. In addition, the recordings sound really good. That last point should not be discounted, as there are a lot music out there where the recordings lack substance.

We are sure you will find a few tracks to add you your favorite playlists.

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