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Review – ‘Chapters of Love’ by Julian Vaughn

 March 15, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Bassist Julian Vaughn has been pretty consistent since 2010. With albums like Supreme, Black Dynamite, and Bona Fide, he has been carving his standing as one of the best lead bassists in the smooth jazz genre.

His latest release, Chapters of Love will only solidify that standing. This is an eleven track effort, and it is a smooth R&B album that will help define Vaughn as a top artist in the game.

Let's get into the album.

Review - Chapters of Love by Julian Vaughn

Vaughn eases you into the album with Sway. This is a mid-tempo funk groove that grabs your attention with the horn arrangement and then the smooth lead bass takes the first verse. The horns come back for the second verse, then the two lead instruments come together to tickle your fancy for the rest of the song.

In Waiting For You, you have a slow jam that will give you the feeling that you are really waiting for someone, as you get a sense of longing while listening to the track. This is a great R&B song with a smooth jazz bottom.

Over & Over is a smooth track that will be a nice addition to your romance playlist. The sax and the lead bass play nice together, like two vocalists performing a duet. You may want to play this one...Over & Over.

Up next is Someone To Love. It is Vaughn's version of the Jon B. and Babyface track. The guitar parts sound really clean and the background vocals will make you sing along. Just like the original duet, you have two leads, with the bass featured on the first verse and the sax in the second. Overall, this is a solid remake.

We pick up the pace a little with Amore. Vaughn really works that bass, almost like he is playing a guitar, and the keyboard fills really complete the song.

Hotel Lover is next. The track is reminiscent of an early 2000's song, more specifically in the style of Ginuwine. We are not mad at that!

The R&B vibe continues with Loving You. Simplicity is the name of the game, with each instrument playing their part. You will love the sax solo toward the end of the song. 

To quote a wise man...Romance In The Rain is a groove that will make you move real smooth. Once again the lead bass and the sax are on point, but be sure to listen to the keyboard parts in the background. They have an airy sound that is perfect for this song. 

Her Peace has some stellar piano play. Throw in Vaughn's bass, and you get a track that will be the star of your chillout session, whether you are relaxing on the couch with some candles illuminating the room, or enjoying a warm bath after a long day. 

A Feeling is up next. If you are the type that is not a fan of the bass as the lead instrument, take a listen to this track. We are sure you will come around. The bass arrangement will blow you away, and Vaughn makes it seem so easy. 

The set concludes with Steps To My Heart. Vaughn is offering one more smooth R&B track to close out the album. We get some trumpet along with that bass, actually a couple of different bass sounds. You just might need a cigarette after listening to this track.

Chapters Of Love is pretty strong from start to finish, and we are sure you will love several tracks on the album.

You can stream it now on any of your favorite services.

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