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Review – ‘All That Matters’ by Brian Simpson

 June 25, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

All That Matters is Brian Simpson's 10th full length recording. He pulls from all of his experiences in Jazz, R&B, Funk and Soul, to create an album that is vintage Brian Simpson.

Guests in the creative process here include guitarist and labelmate Steve Oliver, keyboardists Nicholas Cole and Oliver Wendell, and saxophonists Najee and Steve Alanis.

With the release of All That Matters, Brian Simpson concludes, “I have the greatest job in the world. I simply love the fact that there are people out there in the world getting good feelings from my music. I never take for granted how fortunate I am.” 

Let's see what's up!

Review - 'All That Matters' by Brian Simpson

The album begins with So Many Ways. The track has a wispy type of feel, as the strings hit you immediately, and the main piano part grabs your attention. everything is going here with the bass and the funky drums. Simpson turns up the piano play toward the end, to really finish on a high note.

What I'm Waiting For is next. Keeping up with Simpson's piano is Steve Alanis on sax. We constantly say that horns enhance the song, and this is no different. The two instruments play well together and the uptempo groove will put a smile on your face.

In Mystical, Najee joins with his flute. This is an R&B based track with some clever drum fills that give the track a modern feel. This song may be the definition of cool for 2021.

Simpson breaks it down with Sunlit Sea. Sensuality is front and center, as you can sense the emotion coming out of the piano notes. The trumpet play takes the song up a notch.

In A Soft Touch, there is some funky guitar play to go along with piano. Steve Oliver co-wrote and lends his musical talent to the track. The bassline is the standout here, and the track rides the fine line between fun and sophisticated.

Bonita is up next. At first listen, you can sense that he is telling a story of a loved one, and that they have been separated for quite some time. Once again that guitar sound enhances that Latin flair, and quite frankly, we need the song to be about two minutes longer.

If you want a song to add to your "Lazy Sunday" playlist then When I Found You is the one. This is something you would play while just relaxing with your favorite beverage. 

Whisper To Me is another R&B based track. This one almost needs a vocalist. If you listen close enough, you almost hear some vocal scats in the background. The title of the track just fits. Listen for the breakdown toward the end. That change is like the icing on the cake. 

Daybreak gives us that classic Brian Simpson sound, with the mid-tempo groove and his signature keyboard hits. you have some sax fills and drum play that is off the charts.

The set concludes with the title track, All That Matters. We get a little EDM groove with this track, and it really reminds us of the late Robert Miles. Contemporary Jazz piano over a dance beat will always be in style, and Simpson knocks this one out of the park!

2021 is giving us some great music, and All That Matters is right there. Ten instrumental tracks with some of the best musicians in the game..there's nothing better than that.

Take a listen and enjoy the music.

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  1. I love this entire album!! All the songs on it are "top-notch," which is a rarity and a difficult feat for any musician. Brian Simpson truly did his homework again…and I'm sure he will reap big-time dividends off of this sensational album.

  2. There is only one Brian Simpson! You are numbers 1 – 10 on my album playlist, and that only because I can't find 11. So sultry, smooth and stylish. I love all you do, thank you. By the way, I can't come up with a favorite, but I can tell you this, Sunlit Sea is a contender. That song is just pretty.

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