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Review – ‘A Woman Like Me’ by Lindsey Webster

 March 27, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Lindsey Webster is back with a new album for 2020. It is not a stretch to say that she is the premier jazz vocalist of the 21st century, and the selections from A Woman Like Me just reinforces that fact.

Once again, Webster collaborated with longtime partner Keith Slattery, and she also enlisted a few guests to appear on the album. 

Drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Sting, Joni Mitchell), bassist Nathan East (Fourplay, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton) and percussionist Luis Conte (James Taylor, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana) join the party, and I must say that we are ALL better for it.

A Woman Like Me offers 11 originals and a remake of the classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow. As an added bonus, all the tracks are over five minutes long. You just cannot beat those extended play tracks.

Let's take a look!

Review - 'A Woman Like Me' by Lindsey Webster

The set kicks off with Feels Like Forever. If someone asked you for a playlist of ten vocal jazz songs, this would certainly be on the list. What's not to like about this track? It has a semi-uptempo groove, a great piano solo,  stellar guitar play, and a vocal that is as smooth as butter!

Close To You is up next. In addition to Webster's master vocal performance, the drums really make the song. There's nothing better than live drums on a great track. 

Up next is Only You. I have to say that the songwriting and the vocal arrangements are really stellar. The arrangement is smooth, like she is in a lazy kind of mood. You will dig this track.

In One Step Forward, Webster does her usual thing, singing like she is floating on air. This is one of the slow but funky songs that have become her trademark.

Perspective is up next. This is the track that should put Keith Slattery up there as one of the top piano players of this generation. Check out his solo, and I am sure you will agree. To top it off, we get to listen to the sax stylings of Ken Gioffre. This is an all around great track.

In Running Around, the guitar takes the lead on the track. There's something about an electric guitar over a jazzy groove. Couple that with a flawless vocal from Webster and you get a song that will deserve an encore when performed live.

The title track is up next. The song features Nathan East, and he continues to show why he he one of the best in the business. Not to be left out, Webster delivers one of her best vocal performances to date.

In many instances, simplicity is usually better. Rain is a perfect example of this. The instrumentation is stripped down to the basics, and Webster's smooth delivery makes the Rain almost bearable.

Webster takes a journey into The Unknown as it makes her "feel good, and feel free." And with this feel good song, it makes you feel as though The Unknown is the place to be. 

In Always Love Me, Webster shows off her vocal prowess. With this performance, you can tell that she is totally comfortable in front of the mic. Even though this song has the full compliment of instrumentation, This would be a great song with just the vocal and a piano.

The set concludes with a remake of the classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Webster gives the song a much appreciated update, and with all great performances, she leaves you wanting more.

Once again, Lindsey Webster knocks it out of the park with her latest collection of vocal jazz tracks. She has built a nice catalog for herself and these songs will sound great in concert. Take a listen from start to finish through your favorite streaming service.

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