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Rebecca Poole Album ‘Dreamers Ball’ Out Now

 October 6, 2023

By  ExoticDJ

Dreamers Ball is the new album from singer-songwriter and composer Rebecca Poole. Forthcoming in October 2023, Dreamers Ball sees the charismatic vocalist return to her roots to record original material in a classic jazz style with an interpretation of one of her favourite songs included for good measure, stripped back to their vital essence in order to emphasise Rebecca’s unique abilities. With
nowhere to hide, this is in itself a formidable challenge, however Rebecca Poole’s sincerity and talent shine through on her new work, clearly demonstrating that she has trusted her instincts and followed her heart.

Achieving success in more commercial realms under the moniker ‘Purdy’, Rebecca Poole’s multiple accomplishments include a support tour with Jools Holland’s band (culminating in a mesmerizing performance at The Royal Albert Hall), a recent appearance in Netflix TV series 'The Crown' singing 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', performing to over 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium, not to mention sharing a stage as a guest vocalist with Jamie Cullum at Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Rebecca’s creative awareness led her to know that this future project should be separated by definition in style, illustrating her prowess as a multifaceted artist. Because this is undoubtedly her most personal work to date, a return to her birth name seemed natural and appropriate.

Rather than covering much performed material by the stars of yesteryear, Rebecca Poole makes the bold move of presenting her own songs to the world, with an album of predominantly original material. This confident approach is testament to Rebecca’s resolute belief in her potential as a singer and a songwriter guided by intuition.

Speaking about Dreamers Ball, Rebecca Poole says: “It has been a fulfilling experience, finding my way back to jazz, with the help of producer James McMillan and some extraordinary players. It was important to me to record the whole band together in one room. Each song you hear is one take and you can feel the integrity and continuity that comes with doing that. I love how this album is a collection of new compositions combined with some carefully picked poignant songs from my past that have been most praised by my listeners. It feels like a musical journey back home and the Dreamers Ball is a timeless place where we can all go to lose ourselves in music. 

Dreamers Ball is a powerful album created by a stand-out artist that has achieved the perfect showcase of her musical abilities – an important contribution to this year’s creative output.

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