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Raul Midon New Album Bad Ass And Blind

 March 24, 2017

By  ExoticDJ

Raul Midón is back with a new album, called Bad Ass and Blind.  If you like vocal jazz albums that have a live, nightclub feel, this one will be for you.  There are eleven tracks of straight music to enjoy.

Raul Midon New Album Bad Ass And BlindTo give you a little background, Midón started out working with some heavy hitters.  You may recognize some of these names:  Shakira, Alejandro SanzJulio Iglesias and Jose Feliciano. Midón also collaborated with DJ Little Louie Vega on a few projects.  In 1999, Midón released his first album, Gracias a la vida. Since then, he has released albums on a semi-regular basis, while gaining popularity in the process.  The latest release, Bad Ass and Blind, is the ninth album from this music veteran.

The album begins with the title track, and ode of funk that will let you know that you are about to go on a journey.  The album then turns a little and we get Red Green Yellow.   This track exudes a more sophisticated vibe.  It actually reminds me of a Steely Dan song.  The rhythm guitar takes center stage, while the mini guitar solo adds to the goodness of the track.

The tracks Wings of Mind, Sound ShadowIf Only, and All That I Am give you the feeling of being in that lounge, listing live to the artistry at work.

One of my favorites on the album is You & I. This is one of those slow jams that you can put on repeat and listen to it a few times.

Finally, we have one remake on this project.  It is the classic track, Fly like An Eagle.  The original is what I call Funk/Rock, and Midón’s version is more smoothed out.  The guitar is out front and center, with an almost “Unplugged” type of feel.

Creating recorded music that preserves that “live” feel is not an easy thing to do.  It seems that Raul Midón has mastered this process.  Bad Ass And Blind is a solid effort, and I am sure you will enjoy the expert musicianship that is showcased throughout.


You can order Raul Midon New Album Bad Ass And Blind here:

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