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Paul Taylor New Release Countdown

 September 7, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

Paul Taylor New Release Countdown

Paul Taylor New Release

We have been digging Paul Taylor for awhile, now.  Of course he is a part of the Smooth Jazz Mix Series.  We like a certain vibe of jazz for these mixes, and he is definitely in that groove!

Taylor will release Countdown, the new album on September 9th, and we are sure that he will give us a mix of styles, including Funk & Soul, Dance Pop, and a little Reggaeton.

In case you forgot, On the Horn, Taylor’s first album came out in 1995, and since then all of his releases have been a musical journey worth taking.




COUNTDOWN /Track Listing

  1. Countdown
  2. Arrival
  3. What You Love
  4. Knocking At Your Door
  5. Polaris
  6. Polaris
  7. Told Ya So
  8. Club 702
  9. Crossroads
  10. Roundup
  11. The Hills


We should have a review posted in the next few days.  In the meantime, here are some upcoming dates where you can see Paul Taylor LIVE!

October 23 – Avalon, CA

October 27Philadelphia, PA

October 29Rosemont, IL

November 12 – Owings Mills, MD

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