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Paul Brown ‘Deep Into It’ – LISTEN

 June 7, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

We think you will like Deep Into It,  the latest single from Paul Brown. This sensual, soulful and ultra-vibey light funk spin through “Deep Into It,” whose original version was the title track to Larry Carlton’s 2001 album and hit #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart.

This time, Brown keeps a similar tempo, but fashions a whole new atmosphere and flow by changing out the sax for Braun’s silky, soaring flugelhorn, which breezes along in sparkling musical conversation with the lead guitar and then, with spirited whimsy and improvisational notes to spare, swells on the chorus with a snazzy horn arrangement featuring Lee Thornburg (trumpet, valve trombone) and saxophonist Greg Vail. 

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