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Orlando Jazz Festival Tickets

 December 9, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

Orlando Jazz Festival Tickets

When you or I think about Orlando, we usually think of Seaworld, Universal Studios Orlando, Legoland, and of course Walt Disney World.  The common denominator here….Family outings!  Well, This March, we have something for the grown folks. The Orlando Jazz Festival will be taking place March 10-11 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.  In March, the weather will be warming up, and many of the outdoor events will start to take place.  This festival will be held at the Seneff Arts Plaza.  I personally have not been there, but on the website it states that the concert will take place rain or shine.  That tells me that it is an outdoor venue.

Anyway, the lineup will be on point.  




The festivities will be hosted by J. Anthony Brown.  It is good to have some comic relief sprinkled in with al of this great jazz!

As far as tickets go, there are three flavors to choose from:

Early Bird Special

Friday and Saturday $82.50 – No word on when the early bird ends

Regular ticket price 

Friday and Saturday – $107.50

Friday, March 10th only – $63.75

Saturday March 11th only – $78.75

Corporate Table package – $1800

Friday and Saturday

Seats ten people

One catered meal and three beverages on both days.


Purchase ticket packages


Bring chairs and blankets.  Please do not bring tents or canopies, as you will block the view of the other attendees.

Don’t you hate it when people stand up and block your view??  I know you want to party…. but MAN!

But I digress.


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