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Norman Brown Announces Album ‘Let’s Get Away’ for March 25

 February 9, 2022

By  ExoticDJ

Norman Brown is back with some new music for 2022. The set is called Let's Get Away, and the riveting ten-track set showcases the genius and flair that has landed Brown at the top of the charts time and time again. Featuring originals composed by Norman Brown and various album personnel, Brown’s highly anticipated new recording fuses the best elements of Jazz, R&B, Pop, Blues and beyond. The lone cover is a well-known Lalo Schifrin composition that Brown puts his Midas touch on. 

Joining Brown on the all-star outing is fellow guitarist and label-mate Paul Brown, multi-instrumentalists Wirlie Morris, Shane Theriot and Jeff Carruthers, keyboardists Lew Laing and David Torkanowsky, saxophonist Greg Vail, trumpeter Ron King, drummer Gorden Campbell, bassist Jeff Wolfe, and percussionist Lenny Castro.

“It was an honor and pleasure to be joined by all of these divine beings who nourished the music and brought the perfect seasoning to this experience,” shares Norman.

Check out the first single, Back At Ya.

With the release of Let’s Get Away and in the wake of so much divisiveness, Norman Brown hopes that his music can be a reminder that, “We are one race of beings interconnected and interrelated, therefore, we are interdependent on one another to achieve Optimality! A life united in harmony in the state of a joyful peace. As the gears in a fine Swiss watch operates achieving the state of keeping perfect time.”

We will keep you up to date on the latest happenings from Norman Brown.

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