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Nikos Koulouris ‘One Moment In Time’ is Out Now

 September 28, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Saxophonist Nikos Koulouris has a new album out. It is called One Moment in Time, and there is a nice mix of original songs and remakes of some of your favorite songs. 

“This album is a favorite of mine. I  picked songs that I have loved over the years and I am sure most of you will like. I ve had a smashing time whenever I was called to perform them publicly. Those are songs that I like “singing” with my Saxophone."

An example of this is his version of Every Breath You Take.

As far as the originals go, take a listen to the title track, One Moment in Time.

The album is available right now so be sure to check it out on your favorite streaming service.

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