May 15

New Lyric Video For Love Is A Battlefield

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Watch and listen to Grammy-nominayed Soul/Jazz Dive Maysa’s 
Riveting New Lyric Video For
Love Is A Battlefield

“The reason why I chose ‘Love Is A Battlefield’  has a lot to do with the way 
the world is today and all of the things we are going through as a people.  
As humans, we are surrounded by people who are not choosing love first. 
People are choosing money over love and compassion. To me, 
‘Love Is A Battlefield’ is just that, a battle to allow love to 
reign over everything.”- MAYSA 

New Lyric Video For Love Is A Battlefield

“I definitely feel responsible for putting out music that helps people,” shares the humble, stunning and down to earth Grammy nominated singer Maysa. “That is my calling in life and that is what God put me on this earth to do.” Maysa has remained one of the most instantly identifiable voices in R&B and Jazz over the past 25 years by staying true to her musical vision. Stevie Wonder declares, “Maysa is WONDER-ful!” Maysa launched her musical career as a member of Stevie’s Wonderlove and has enjoyed the spotlight as the long-time front vocalist with the explosive UK Jazz/Funk sensation Incognito.  The Soul Train Award winner has recorded 13 solo albums and her latest, Love Is A Battlefield (out May 26th), is arguably her best. Maysa explains, “Love Is A Battlefield is my political cry and hopefully many people will understand what I’m trying to say through the words of those writers.”
New Lyric Video For Love Is A Battlefield Love Is A Battlefield features ten tracks of mostly R&B gems, with two tracks delving into the Rock/Pop arena.  Drawing inspiration from such diverse artists as The Isley Brothers and Natalie Cole to Pat Benatar and Justin Bieber, Maysa’s true artistry shines as she demonstrates her unique ability to transform virtually any song into her own unique work of art. As much as anything, Love Is A Battlefield is an oasis and a sonic journey capable of uplifting us all. It is also a testament to Maysa’s resilient spirit. “I choose to be happy deep inside my soul no matter what goes on around me. Even when life kicks my ass I try to return to that center, my peaceful place.”


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