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New Latin Jazz – Romances Latinos by Rusty Crutcher

 March 28, 2015

By  Exotic DJ

New Latin Jazz – Romances Latinos by Rusty Crutcher


Romances Latinos, new latin jazz by renowned saxophonist Rusty Crutcher, breathes an even higher level of sensuality into what the artist/producer calls The World’s Most Beautiful Latin Love Songs, written by the Greatest South and Central American Songwriters and Composers of the Twentieth Century.  The romantic mix of songs is anchored by three essential boleros — Without You: Sin Ti, All and Nothing: Todo y Nada, Unforgettable: Inolvidable — and its mood lightened throughout by such favorites as Black Orpheus: Manha Carnaval and What a Difference a Day Makes: Cuando Vuelva a tu Lado.  Crutcher’s reverence for Latin music is clear in his performance, as his tenor saxophone wails, cajoles, screams, cries, and caresses.  The brightly-colored album art is appropriately modern, reflecting the updated Smooth Jazz grooves within the eco-pak, consciously chosen by Crutcher, a nature lover.   He is joined on Romances Latinos by a strong team of players, including David Das, David Pulkingham, John Mills, Bob Bryant and Dave Scott, with several additional performances including Joel Guzman on three row diatonic accordion.  The album was recorded at Oakwood Sound Design, Smilin’ Castle Studio, and Rudy Boy Studio; associate produced by David Das, arranged by John Mills, mixed and mastered by John Howard, with engineering by John Howard, Rick del Castillo and Rusty Crutcher.  More info and sound clips available at www.RustyCrutcher.com.



About: Rusty Crutcher

This spring, Jay “Rusty” Crutcher realizes a dream with the release of Romances Latinos, his long-awaited instrumental album featuring sax-based recordings of the world’s most beautiful Latin love songs. A composer, producer and performer who has released 9 albums on his label, Emerald Green Sound Productions, Crutcher has performed with such diverse acts as Alphonse Mouzon (Weather Report), Eddie Daniels, The Emotions, Ronnie Laws, Asleep at the Wheel, Chris Calloway (daughter of Cab Calloway), The Coasters, The Drifters, Vernon Burch, and more; he also performed on sax and woodwinds for hundreds of film, TV, commercial and studio recordings. In addition to exploring his love of Latin music, Rusty is currently writing his dissertation for a PhD in Music Theory. Learn more at: www.rustycrutcher.com

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