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Michael Lington Concert Dates Early 2017

 December 29, 2016

By  Exotic DJ

In case you didn’t know, we live the Sax stylings of Michael Lington.  It reminds us of some Southern funk, with a Nashville groove.  What, you cannot picture that?  Well, then listen to Uptown Groove, and you will understand.  WE have some dates for Michael Lington, so if you are near California, Virgina, Maryland or Florida, you are in luck!

Michael Lington Concert Dates Early 2017

January 20th and 21st, Michael will be at the Blue Note in Napa, CA.  The Blue Note is a Jazz Club/Gourmet Restaurant that combines two of my favorite things:  food and music.

Executive Chef Jessica Sedlacek heads up the restaurant, and the dishes are made up of local ingredients.  Here is an example of some of the items on the menu:


  • Raw oysters
  • Potato fritters with bacon and caramelized onion aioli
  • Cured sea trout with avocado coriander cream cheese


  • Seared Pork Belly with jalapeño corn bread stuffing and cranberry jus
  • Half boneless crispy chicken with sweet potato pecans and roast chicken jus
  • Wild salon with creamed kale & Swiss chard with seasonal vegetable


Michael Lington Concert Dates

Mouth watering yet?  Oh….and then there is the wine.  I almost forgot about that.  After all, the Blue Note IS in Napa.

So now that I have you all worked up, here are the details:

January 20 – 6:30pm

January 20 – 9:00pm

January 21 – 6:30pm

January 21 – 9:00pm


On February 3rd and 4th, Jonathan Fritzen will be on the bill with Lington.  On February 3rd, they will be at the American Theatre, in Hampton, VA.  Showtime is at 8pm.  February 4th, they will be in Baltimore, MD at the Murphy Fine Arts Center.  There are two shows.  6:30pm and 9:30pm.

March 11th, Lington will be at the Orlando Jazz Festival.  We did a post on this event, so you can see the information here.

April 23rd, he will be a part of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival.  More info on that great event here.

These are some great shows, and you will definitely want to attend!!


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