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Michael Lington Announces Album ‘Alone Together’ for March 26

 February 25, 2021

By  ExoticDJ

Since he couldn't hit the road in 2020, Michael Lington took to the studio. Lington converted his home studio into a premiere virtual performance destination with a popular ongoing series of weekly shows on the StageIt Platform. He simply invited his musical friends, and they recorded all the performances. What became of that? An extraordinary album of duets Alone Together. 

The album releases March 26th.

States Michael: “Alone Together is a unique project that presented itself in many shapes and forms.   When the pandemic started and all my touring was postponed indefinitely, I knew I needed to continue creating music for my own well-being.  That’s when I started doing my virtual shows from my home studio on StageIt. A few shows in I started inviting special guests to perform with me, but as technology wasn’t allowing for ‘live’ duets we did it literally ‘alone together’ from separate locations as a pre-record. The most exhilarating part was that my fellow artists that I invited all said yes immediately – and the same goes for the selections I made for this album.”

Check out the new version of the classic Baker Street, which features Javier Colon on vocals.

“Besides prompting me to learn a lot about new technologies, one of the loveliest aspects of the StageIt series is how it has created a special community among longtime and new fans,” states Michael.   “When you perform like this, you never know who is out there listening. Then I get those heartwarming emails that say things like, ‘We’re all locked down at home, and every Sunday night you give us a sense of normalcy in the world and something to look forward to.’ To them, I’m no longer just Michael Lington, the artist, but the friend who comes into their home and chats with and plays for them.  This has been a very difficult juncture in all of our lives, but what it has shown me is that we as human beings are very cable of adapting and uniting, even in the most challenging of circumstances.” 

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