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Listen to “Rising Up” by Tony Momrelle

 March 4, 2019

By  ExoticDJ


March 2019 marks the release of ‘Rising Up’, the vibrant new single from Tony Momrelle, one of the most powerful voices in UK Soul. Ahead of a full album release two months later,‘Rising Up’ is a high-impact number full of syncopation, brass stabs and stylish melodies, set to inspire and motivate listeners with its uplifting message and positive vibes.

Tony says: “Rising up is a song about shaking off the old and embracing the new, letting go of things, situations & even people that may hold you back. It’s a song for the soul, a song of self realisation.” The single is aptly named as it is also the debut release on Tony’s new record label Vibe45 Records, which will release the single and subsequent album under a distribution deal with AWAL.

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As an essential asset for some of the world’s most successful artists, Tony Momrelle has toured and performed extensively with a plethora of outstanding musicians including Sade, Chaka Khan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Janet Jackson, Gloria Estefan, Whitney Houston, Gary Barlow and many more.

Heavily in demand within industry circles as a ‘secret weapon’ and having greatly enhanced the live shows of these A-list stars with his phenomenal vocal ability, Tony Momrelle is fast reaching the same level of prominence through his recent solo material. This burgeoning hype continues with ‘Rising Up’, a track that is perfectly poised to showcase his mesmerising high tenor tones to their full potential.

One of the lead male vocalists of the legendary band Incognito, Tony Momrelle has enjoyed an internationally successful career and cemented a loyal following of fans, not least the DJ and broadcaster Gilles Peterson, who signed the band’s first album to Talkin Loud, spearheading the Acid-Jazz movement. Momrelle launched his solo career with the 2015 album Keep Pushing to resounding success, securing four BBC Radio 2 supported singles, ongoing airplay across Europe and sold-out audiences at venues and festivals throughout the world.


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