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Listen to ‘Real Love’ by Byron Miller

 July 20, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Just when Funk Mugs thought it was safe to glide again in a funk free air zone, bassist Byron Miller, a.k.a. "Psychobass," has returned to re-funkify the skyways with some musical ESP - Extra Sensory PlushFunk.
In the `70s when funky lead electric bass rose up from the earth like an infectious enveloping vapor, there were many memorable bass lines...but only a palm-full of legendary bass solos. One was played by a 19 year-old out of Detroit circa `77.

The song was "Reach For It" by George Duke. The bassist was Byron Miller. This solo indelibly identified the sound of Byron's talking bass, a style that borders between a reverent sermon and woof ticket/street corner smack. Both melodic and percussive, the Byron Miller bass sound is as intoxicating as Pouilly-Fuissé wine from a brown paper sack, unimpeachably funky, instantly recognizable and clearly sourced from someone just a bit touched about the brain.

No wonder legend has it that this soul brother is orbiting Earth not just as Byron Miller but also as his alien alias...Psycho Bass.  

Check out Byron's new single, Real Love

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