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Listen to ‘Just In’ by Justin Lee Schultz

 September 16, 2020

By  ExoticDJ

Justin Lee Schultz is giving it to you really big with a new single. It is called Just In, and it features none other than Gerald Albright and Pieces of A Dream. 

Not a bad collaboration!

Some of the heavyweights are also offering rave reviews.

“This kid is something special.” – QUINCY JONES

 “Justin is an older man in a little boys body!! It’s so great to see somebody so young have such a vast love of ALL kinds of music!! And to see his work ethic and his drive is so inspiring! He sounds amazing and he's only getting better!” – ROBERT GLASPER

 “When I first saw him play I said to myself ‘This kid is something special. He really is!” 


The album has been announced. His recording debut  will be called Gruv Kid and it will drop November 13th!

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